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Video of Three Grandmas Getting High for the First Time

Ever wonder what it would be like to get blazed with your Grandma? I bet it would be awesome because they’ve lived a long time and would have some awesome stories to tell. While cruising the internet today, I found this awesome video of 3 cute Grandmothers trying some of Washington’s finest buds. Check out these Grandmas smoking some weed ... Read More »

Daily Jones Vs Cormier Updates

Ok, this is getting crazy. Today Jones threatened to literally kill DC after Daniel Cormier said that he wishes he could spit in Jon Jones faces. Since Every Single day there seems to be a new soundbite or video regard the matchup, I decided to post a daily update on the situation starting with this latest bit.   JJ: Hey ... Read More »

Pitt Bull Attacks Dude in the Hood

Now this is some crazyness. Guy gets attacked by a pitt bull and starts swinging on it (throwing punches) and throws the dog, but the dog comes back for more. The guy is left bleeding and some woman offers up some witch hazel for bite wounds that look like bullet holes. This was shared with me on Facebook. Parts 1 ... Read More »

Bill Stevens (Sandy Hook Father) Pwns Congress

Transcript: My name is Bill Stevens, I live in Newtown. My fifth grade daughter was in lockdown on december 14th 2012. Unfortunately, her classmates little sister was murdered in Sandy Hook that day when Lockdown and 911 weren’t enough to protect her from an evil person—not protect her from an assault rifle or some type of inanimate object but from ... Read More »

5 Easy Snacks to Help Keep Your Diet on Track

quick diet snacks

Snacks are a very important part of any weight loss plan, and you really should have two snacks a day as long as they are healthy and low calorie. By allowing yourself to “cheat” every day, you kind of trick your mind into thinking that your diet really isn’t so bad. When we say “snacks” we’re not talking about pretzels or barbecue ... Read More »

Video of The UFC 156 Weigh—Ins

Joe Rogan is set to kick off the UFC 156 weigh—in. There are several great fights on this card and it should provide a few hours of entertainment. I think Alistar Overeem is going to KO Bigfoot pretty quick. Bigfoot hasn’t looked good in his last few fights. Overeem does look much smaller though, but he is still pretty beastly. ... Read More »

Three of the Best Apps For Women on the Go

bests apps for women

A working mom’s life is just on the sane edge of crazy on its best day. However, on most days, her life resembles a roller coaster ride of extreme ups and downs brought on from the demands of each person within her life. She daily juggles a career and keeping her boss happy with her responsibilities at home to her ... Read More »

American Idol—Before the Show Taisha Bethea

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 12.06.19 PM

We will be updating this page on a regular basis with new contestants on American Idol. Here you will find video, interviews and social profiles of American Idol contestants before they tried out for the show. Leave a comment and join the conversation—we love to hear from you. Taisha Bethea Taisha Bethea, aka the Black Rocker Chick, made it to ... Read More »

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